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Final Fantasy Lyrical Icon Challenge
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A weekly lyrical icontest for the Final Fantasy series.

Welcome to FF_LYRICAL! This is a weekly lyrical icontest created by seramars for the Final Fantasy series. Each Monday night I will give you a song and you can create up to two icons using lyrics from the chosen song. Friday through Sunday night you may vote for the three best icons and winners will be announced. It's a never ending process that's meant to be fun and creative. Why a lyrical icontest? I love music and I love making icons. I believe words give an icon emotion and it's always been one of my favorite themes. If you agree, please join in on the fun!

Here are list of rules for the community.

(1) Must meet livejournal standards such as jpg, gif, png, no more than 40KB

(2) Must be from the song chosen unless otherwise stated and must have atleast 3 consecutive words

(3) Icons must be fresh and not stolen

(4) Must be a member of the community

(5) Only vote for three icons

(6) Must contain something to do with the Final Fantasy series

(7) Must upload using a site such as photobucket.com

You can submit up to 2 icons and submissions must be in this form:


Lyrics: blast from the past

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